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About Me 
Jana's Cottage
 Est. 2006
 On any given day, you will find me "under the chandelier" sewing
 and creating new items to display on my website.
My "Retro Aprons" have been in style for over 10 years now and have been
 very successful.  My family and friends have given me much support 
and encouragement, especially my mother. I wanted to pay tribute to
 some of them, so I decided to name my aprons after them.
It may be someone's name or simply a nickname,
 but they will know who they are.
I have also developed an addiction to fabric. Who knew someday
 I would truly understand my mother in law's passion for fabric.
"I take pride in each and every apron I make - I don't just choose any fabric,
 it has to be great!"
I love the Retro Look and have always had a passion for the Shabby Chic
Cottage style too, so look for lots of different fabrics and styles!
Many of my customers have outfitted their entire family, returned loyally
for gift giving and have also started their own collection.  I couldn't be more proud
when I hear "I Love My Jana's Cottage Apron!"
I love all things soft and pretty and fell in love with feathers. I started making feather
wreaths but wanted something complimentary to them,
so I created an original, never seen before, beautiful feather topiary tree.
They look beautiful in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.
They're also a perfect display for wedding tables or holiday displays!
Cocopop's Corner is a tribute to the sweetest gift in my life...my daughter. 
She has been an inspiration and has come up with lots of great ideas. 
Cocopop's Corner will be filled with lots of fun for everyone.
So sit back with a cup of coffee or tea and browse.
  Make sure you come back to visit as often as you like,
or send me an email from time to time,
I would love to hear from you!
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